Isopod Food

Supreme Isopod Chow Original
The original Supreme Isopod Chow formula provides an all-in-one supplemental food to provide your isopods and springtails the nutrients they need when they're not busy chowing down on leaf litter and decaying wood.
Supreme Isopod Chow ++Protein
Supreme's Isopod Chow ++Protein is specially formulated to provide the extra protein needed by species like Porcellio laevis, Porcellio scaber, Porcellio dilatatus, and Porcellionides pruinosus.
Supreme Isopod Chow 10X Veggie
Supreme Isopod Chow 10X Veggie is specially formulated for species that prefer a large amount of vegetable matter in their diet making it an ideal food for a number of Armadillidium species.

Please Note:
Supreme Isopod Chow is designed to provide supplemental nutrition to keep isopods healthy in captivity but is not intended to replace the natural diet of decaying leaves and wood that they require.

10X Veggie2oz$6.00
10X Veggie8oz$16.00